Sontara micropure SV (305x305)

( 568,75 )

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When it comes to protecting the cleanroom environment, wiping products created by spunlace technology are a must. Spunlacing creates a strong, clean, nonwoven fabric, without the use of glues or binders that can attract

cleanroom contaminants. Sontara® MicroPure SV is application-engineered to protect ISO 7-9 cleanrooms from particles and additives.

· Engineered for cleanroom use

· Absorbency of a natural fiber plus cleanliness and strength of a synthetic

· Absorbent and clean

· No binders or chemical treatments used in manufacturing process

· Low extractable level and ion content

· Low particle generation

· Advanced package design eliminates the need to cut bags in the cleanroom


Gram/m2 (gsm): 51

Størrelse på ark: 305 x 305 mm.

250 ark pr. pk.

20 pakker pr. kolli

Model/varenr.: 2121

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